X.X.O. by Cognac Prunier

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Maison PRUNIER innovates and launches a new product: XXO (Extra Extra Old).

This new ageing specification, which represents at least 14 years ageing, has been recognized as a generic term (since November 8, 2018), thus entering the specifications of the Cognac appellation.

The XXO of Maison PRUNIER is a perfect example of the family know-how and craftsmanship that has made the brand famous for many years.

What are the specificities of the XXO of Maison Prunier?

The Cognac XXO PRUNIER is a blend of two eaux-de-vie from Fins Bois of 1992 and 1996, aged in wet cellars.

Both eaux-de-vie were stored in barrels sealed by a bailiff giving a total and transparent guarantee of their ageing time.

This cognac is at cask strength, meaning that its degree of alcohol has been naturally reduced with time, without addition of sugar nor caramel.

The PRUNIER XXO is characterized by its complex aromatic and floral structure that will delight any connoisseur of Cognac and bring him into the world of Maison Prunier's know-how.

Its golden color has hints of bronze, its delicate and complex nose reveals aromas of orange peel, cedar, almond and linden.

On the palate, fine tannins evoke the long ageing of this Cognac in old barrels. We find the same aromas of the nose with notes of liquorice, nuts and fresh hazelnut.This makes it a very fine Cognac of Fin Bois from the north of Charente.

To obtain this Cognac, however you will have to travel to Australia as this limited edition was created especially for Mr. Dale Cooper and his company Wine Domain based in Geelong, Australia.

This XXO cognac was produced in limited edition, there will be only 500 bottles released on the international market.

The top of the label is a photo taken from the Maison Prunier archives showing the associate of Gaston Prunier, who was his business partner in Australia: Ambroise Lamandé,. Photo taken in 1911 near Melbourne, Ambroise Lamandé, his dog, and his kangaroo  (http://www.cognacprunier.fr/blog-english/article6/discover-one-of-the-oldest-commercials-on-cognac)

Symbol of Prunier's know-how, a wax stamp is affixed to each bottle. All stamps are made by us in our cellars.


All bottles, boxes and certificates are numbered.

Each of the 500 labels is hand signed by the current President and CEO of Maison Prunier, Stéphane Burnez.

The 500 certificates are also signed by Stéphane Burnez and Dale Cooper.


Keep an eye on PRUNIER’s latest news, new projects are coming soon…


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