2 medals for PRUNIER at the 2018 International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC)

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2 medals for PRUNIER at the 2018 International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC)


International Wine & Spirit Competition: a quality marker


The International Wine & Spirit Competition was founded 49 years ago by wine chemist Anton Massel. He had the idea of creating a competition of wines and spirits that was not only based on the organoleptic judgment but in which each product was also submitted to a chemical analysis. Almost 90 countries participate each year in the competition. Each sample is judged according to its category and is treated with care and consideration in the competition premises specifically dedicated to the tasting.


Concours IWSC


IWSC is one of the most respected wine and spirit competitions in the world and a guarantee of quality in an increasingly saturated beverage competition market, thanks to its unique tasting facilities, a permanent on-site storeroom and more than 400 international experts evaluating the products during seven months of the year.                                                              

How are the spirits evaluated?




Organoleptic judgment

Spirits are evaluated by style, region and age. The samples are presented in numbered glasses and are first evaluated in silence and without any comments, then the scores are collected by a panel of judges and open for discussion. If the judges fail to reach a majority decision, the samples are submitted to another jury.

The evaluation takes place during 7 months in the premises dedicated to the competition. Judges are not allowed to enter the cellar or preparation areas before, during and after the evaluation sessions. All results remain confidential until the official announcement.

Top winners are submitted to a second round to compete for national, regional and international trophies.


Chemical analysis






Top winners also undergo extensive chemical analysis by Campden BRI. In some cases, depending on the results of this analysis, a few points might be removed (affecting the prize level awarded) or even worse, the spirit might be rejected. The purpose of these tastings is to eliminate products that may be organoleptically attractive but could be altered by oxidizing or with more volatile acidity.


In the case of spirits, this analysis always includes the alcohol and sugar content, as well as the detection of illegal addicts by gas chromatography.


IWSC scoring system





Gold Outstanding 93 et plus

Highest quality

Gold 90 – 92.9

High quality product, sets the standard

Silver Outstanding 86 – 89.9

Outstanding product, excellent quality

Silver 80 – 85.9

Very good product, excellent quality

Bronze 75 – 79.9

Good product, above average

66 – 74.9

Good product but not worth a medal

50 – 65.9


En-dessous de 50





2 Medals won for 2 cognacs sent




Cognac Prunier VSOP grande champagne : score 90-92.9




Cognac Prunier VSOP Grande Champagne is considered by the IWSC 2018 as the best VSOP Grande Champagne. Depending on the year, this VSOP is blended with eaux-de-vie from different production areas of the Grande Champagne appellation and distilled with the lees. This Cognac, about 5 years old, expresses on the nose a great aromatic richness and a beautiful intensity with a dominant of chocolate, tobacco and leather. Grande Champagne expresses itself with strength and flexibility in this particularly successful cognac.




Cognac Prunier XO Très vieille grande champagne score : 86-89.9



Our very old Grande Champagne  is considered by IWSC 2018 as the best XO Grande Champagne. Composed only of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie, this cognac presented in a high quality casket is a blend with an average age of 45 years which combines woody finesse and complexity of aromas. The oldest eaux-de-vie date from the beginning of the 20th century and are taken directly from our Paradise.




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