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premier-film-cognac When the Maison Prunier launched one of the first advertising films in the world of cognac...





Auguste and Louis Lumière are the inventors of cinema and it is they who are behind the first advertisement. On December 28th 1895, the first public screening of several short films of their creation was given at the "Grand Café" in Paris. This date was marked as the official date of the invention of cinema, but they created two years later a short commercial film for the soap brand "Sunlight" featuring seamstresses and soap boxes of the brand.

Our cartoon is a contemporary of "Felix", the famous amine. Its first episode (Feline Follies) was released in 1919. The series "Felix" was an international success throughout the 1920s, however, with the advent of talking pictures and US creation of Mickey Mouse, Felix quickly lost popularity.

First appearance of "Mickey Mouse".

The famous cartoon character created by Walt Disney made his first appearance in 1928 in a short animated cartoon, "Plane Crazy".




According to our records, our short film was created between 1920 and 1924. This is Jean Burnez, then leader of the Maison Prunier, who put out this little promotional film for the Australian market and for others...


This short animation is inspired by the kangaroo painted by Géo Maresté, great painter from Cognac city then close to Jean and the Burnez family. Our marsupial is both unusual and is in the style of typically little ungloved animation of the time. Attention the Kangaroo’s behavior is not always an example!


Gaston Prunier with his dog and his kangaroo!


At the time, the Maison Prunier had a strong presence in the Australian market thanks to Gaston Prunier cousin of Jean Burnez and distributor in Melbourne, Australia.


Cognac bottle label for Australia



You can buy our cognac at the House of the Lieutenancy in Cognac city which just reopened!


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