The cognac miniatures: the accessible tasting

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The apogee of the miniatures was in the 50s and the 70s, but they have been around for much longer. The miniatures date from antiquity and specifically the Roman era.


History and development of the “mignonette”.

Roman traders had a sharp sense of commerce: they were shipping miniature amphorae of wine and liquor to buyers so they could taste. This is mainly in the late nineteenth century, with the emergence of industrial production, that traders and cognac producers have produced the mini bottles to offer to their clients.

It's only a little later, around 1950-1970 that mignonettes spread and conquer the consumer. It's everywhere, in hotels, planes, trains and shops. The mignonette ceases to be a promotional item to become a consumer item, a gift or even a collector's item.

The miniatures have the same shape, the same label, the same color, the same content as the original bottles. A tiny bottle contains between 1 and 10 cl of alcohol and is much cheaper than the original bottle. It is ideal for professional tastings and sufficient to get a clear idea of a ​​spirits, a cognac. Some are real works of art and this is why they will be prized by collectors: the buticulamicrophiles.

The miniatures Cognac: a collection value.


If the miniatures are not intended to be drunk, they need to be protected from sunlight, heat and humidity. The best is to display them in a showcase. The old cognacs, are subject to evaporation despite the closure cap; this evaporation is called "the angels' share". The angels' share does not diminish the value of the miniature, provided that the cap was not removed. We can date a mignonette observing its appearance and label. Over time, traders and producers had to display the countenance, the percentage of alcohol ... cognac is primarily used to be drunk and if the mignonette was well preserved, you can taste it!

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