Cognac and cigar, a perfect fit?

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The strength of the cigar and its unique taste limit the number of beverages for a combined tasting to those that can resist it. Is cognac able to combine with the powerful taste of cigar?

Among renowned cigar/alcohol alliances, generally cited are cognacs, or rhums, that one associates with Cuban culture. For others, whisky/cigar is the perfect marriage. But the combination of cigar and alcohol is not at all immediate. One must know how to marry the character of the spirit, the cognac, with the style of a cigar so that one does not overpower the other and so that both complement each other. 

etiquette-vieux-cognac Old cognac blends well with cigars


As a general rule, cognac is a very good candidate to pair with cigars. But there may be incompatibilities between one cognac and one cigar. For example, avoid matching a young eaux-de-vie with a Cuban cigar: the ardor of alcohol neutralize the olfactory impressions of cigar smoke. In this case, it is best to take a less affluent cigar such as a Dominican cigar that will adapt very well to a young cognacs. The long aging in oak barrels provides to the cognac the aftertaste able to withstand the force of cigars. The old cognacs from Grande Champagne, of great finesse, withstand to the strength of Havana. However, some exceptional cognacs are so subtle and so refined that they should not be enjoyed with a cigar too powerful or you will miss out on its subtleties.

Cognacs designed for cigars



It is sometimes difficult to know which cognac to choose with a cigar or vice versa. Therefore, some cognac houses have developed blends targeting cigar smokers. With a growing number of cigar consumers, it is logical that these smokers are seeking new ways to taste. To smoke a cigar requires time just like tasting an aged liquor such as cognac and armagnac, that evolve over the tasting. This time is usually taken after meals as a digestive in times of ease and pure pleasure.


A good cognac remains a good cognac and will fit in all circumstances. It is in this spirit that the Maison Prunier develops its products. Our smoking cigar customers (Cuban) enjoy especially our Very Old Grande Champagne “Très Vieille Grande Champagne or TGVC” it is the case for the following cigar club in New York:


The TGVC develops aromas of chocolate, leather, hazelnuts and blond tobacco that will adapt well to the powerful cigars. Its very fine oaky taste will not dry out your palate. Our 20 years old cognac and the Family Reserve also go very well with more subtle cigars like some Dominicans.

Cigars and cognacs have much in common. They are looking for excellence in special moments of life. Each cognac and each cigar has its own personality. It is for you now to find relevant marriages to taste.

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#1 hannah said :

Cognac and cigars. For many, the two ride hand in hand, rather like lemon on seafood or cheese and wine. Wonderful article really you guys worked hard to make this concept that matches viewers requirements.!

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